Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DeLight !

Pedestal Lamp DeLight

This pedestal lamp is inspired from daybreak, which brings to life & light all thats hidden in the dark of the night. If it were not for light,there would be visually no dimension or color to this world.DeLight is designed as my salute to this mood generating, shadow creating, life giving light energy.

The diffuser is a three dimensional textile structure made in silver cotton lurex fabric and stands 6ft tall & 1ft wide.

Lamp Type : Four 100 watt clear incandescent bulbs.

To order the pedestal lamp 'DeLight'
or for any enquiry regarding the same, do write to me at narula.meera@gmail.com.

DeLight in OFF state
DeLight lit in dark
DeLight from below


Here are the images of a couple of my decor products under my brand name Made After Some Thought M.A.S.T. by Meera Narula.'PRISMATIC' is a blind that screens out daylight to provide balming shade from the scorching sun.The three dimensional geometric configuration of 'Prismatic' glows like a corona against light, forming beautiful pattern while dispersing light through its silk cotton blend making it one of those few special products that help us appreciate the beauty of the very reason of the innovation together with the innovation itself.

The blind screen 'Prismatic' is 9ft high and 4ft wide.

To order the blind screen 'Prismatic' or for any enquiry mail me at narula.meera@gmail.com